Charitable Facilities of Mytilene

The Charitable Facilities of Mytilene (C. F. M.) are the continuation of the institution “Hotel”. The first reference made, regarding its existence of the institution, is in 1692 in a conciliar letter, which is kept in the Library of the Hellenic Literary Society of Constantinople.

The next written reference appears in 1752, when the then Eparch of Mytilene Anthimos Vertoumis bequeaths to the “Hotel” a land area, the “Great Garden”. The property is bequeathed with the term that half of the amount of the rent will be spent for the purchase of bread, which the commissioners of the institution would dispense to the poor.

The “Hotel”, which around 1820 also is referred as “Ospitalion” and later as “Hospital”, provided free accommodation and food, regardless of religion and origin, to the poor, the elderly, the orphans and the travellers.

Later, the C. F. M. acquire more responsibilities and after an agreement with the Eldership of Mytilene in 1844, they undertake the management of the educational institutions of the city.

In total, under the C. F. M. are integrated the activities of the following institutions:

  • Hotel, Spitalio or Hospital
  • Vostaneion Holy Hospital
  • Endowment of Apostolos Simantiris
  • Educational Endowment of Georgios Vostanis
  • Mitrelion Institution
  • Children’s Institution of Chronic Diseases
  • Endowment of Thrasyvoulos Archontopoulos
  • Endowment of Eriphili Archontopoulou
  • Endowment of Vassilis Grimanis
  • Endowment of Vassilis Kambas.

C. F. M. Archive

The C. F. M. archive contains 207 documents with important information on the operation of the Institution and also on the role that it had in multiple areas of urban life in the area of Mytilene.

In total, in the archive content, there are included accidences, diaries, income and outcome accounts, contract books, payment and suspense accounts books, correspondence registers, management books of land and properties, assessments and balance sheets, pupils’ registers etc. Many of these evidences regard the management of the property of the C. F. M. as well as their administrative operation.

In the content, the activity of the C. F. M. is also recorded in the areas of health and social welfare. It is all regarding the time when the Institution was still operating as “Hotel” or “Ospitalion” and later as “Hospital”.

From the middle of the 19th century, the archive is enriched with documents regarding the educational dimension of the C. F. M., which, since then, they had undertaken an important role in the administration of educational institution of the city of Mytilene. There is also material regarding the agricultural activity of the C. F. M. on their property farms on the whole island of Lesvos.

The archive material, which is available through the internet site of the C. F. M., is presented in 5 relevant units, which were created based on the content of the documents of the archive. These units are:

  • Administration: a series of files about administration and management
  • Welfare: a series of files about health and social welfare
  • Agricultural: a series of files of rural and agricultural activities
  • Assets: a series of files about property
  • Education: a series of files about education

Access Terms to the Archive Material

Charitable Facilities of Mytilene

Reproduction Terms of the Archive Material

The Charitable Facilities of Mytilene possess the copyright of any reproduction and by any technical means of the primary archive material.