Archive of the Real Property of the C. F. M.

In the archive of the Charitable Facilities of Mytilene there is material related to the real property of the Institution. The specific folder contains 26 files in which important information is recorded regarding the general administration of the real assets of the C. F. M.

Real Property of the C. F. M.

The C. F. M. issue and manage real property aiming to multiple charitable activities of the Institution.

The real property of the C. F. M. includes the “Hotel” or “Hospital”, the Vostaneio Holy Hospital, the school buildings of the city of Mytilene, the rural assets of Kato Tritos and of the Farm of Achladeris and also various urban assets in the city of Mytilene. Under the C. F. M. comes also the building of the Refugees Hospital and later the Children’s Institution of Chronic Diseases, which operated from 1967 until 1985 and today it houses the Academic Experimental High School of Mytilene “Giannis and Aristeidis Delis”.

In the archive of the C. F. M. are documents that concern the management of the above mentioned property, but also material related to the building of the “Saint George of Mytilene” Care Unit for the Elderly. The archive also contains evidence regarding the construction and maintenance of buildings, such as schools (High School, Public Schools, Lower and Higher All-girls’ School) and churches, the bestowal of real property through wills and also the general usage of the real property of the C. F. M.