Archive of Education of C. F. M.

In the archive of the Charitable Facilities of Mytilene there is material included that is related to the educational activity in the area of Mytilene from the middle of the 19th century and onwards. The specific folder contains 18 files, in which important information is recorded on the role of the C. F. M. in the field of education.

C. F. M. and Education

In June of 1844, the governors of the Hospital (C. F. M.) and the members of the Eldership of Mytilene convened to an extraordinary general assembly and decided (proceedings no. 796) the conjunction of the educational institutions with the Hospital, which, until then, they constituted independent institutions.

Since then (1844) and until 1915, the C. F. M. play an important role in the field of education, by managing schools, undertaking their financial administration and proceeding to donations for the foundation of new institutions, such as the High School of Mytilene. In the archive of the C. F. M. there is a series of documents, which relates to teachers’ and staff appointments, payments, matters of setting curriculum and content of courses, decisions of the Governorship of Schools etc.

The educational activity of the C. F. M. continues until 1915, when the schools of Mytilene are integrated into the Ministry of Education, which undertakes the control on Primary and Secondary education.

These days, the educational role of the C. F. M. concerns the issuing of scholarships from endowments of the Institution.

Educational Endowment from Georgios Vostanis

The endowment was created based on the will of Georgios Vostanis in 1929. Its aim is to issue scholarships to indigent dux high school graduates for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Greece or abroad. The bursars of the endowment come from the island of Lesvos and study in Higher National Colleges. For the issuing of the scholarship, those favoured are the ones who come from the Municipality of Mytilene and the Communes of Pamphiles and Mystegna. The number of bursars varies depending on the incomes of the endowment.

Karantonio Educational Endowment

The endowment operates based on the secret will of Efstratios Karantonis (1923) and the operations regulation of the Karantonio endowment (1926). The aim of the endowment is the issuing of scholarships for further studies to graduates of Greek Universities and Technical Colleges, who come from Lesvos. The number of bursars varies depending on the incomes of the endowment.