Archive of the Rural Activity of the C. F. M.

In the archive of the Charitable Facilities of Mytilene there is material regarding the rural land areas, which are included in the property of the Institution. The specific folder contains 15 files, in which there is recorded important information on the general management of the rural property of the C. F. M.

Rural Property of the C. F. M.

The rural property of the Charitable Facilities of Mytilene is comprised by forests, fields, pastures and mainly mountainous olive tree fields. The properties are scattered throughout the whole island and occupy a surface of about 7.500 acres.

The series of archive material of the C. F. M., regarding the rural and agricultural activities, is mainly about the properties at Kato Tritos, the endowment from Simantiris, which includes the Farm Achladeris as well as other fields and pastures.

Endowment of Apostolos Simantiris

The Endowment of Apostolos Simantiris is a L. P. P. L. of a non-profit association and it was founded after the endowment of the total of the property of the homonymous benefactor Apostolos Simantiris in 1931. The aim of the endowment, regarding the will of the benefactor, is the model, systematic and rational management of his rural property, while, from the surpluses of its exploitation, new farmers are trained.

The total of the assets of Simantiris includes a small number of urban properties and mainly olive tree fields in the province of the Municipality of Mytilene. However, the most important asset is the Farm ofAchladeri.

Farm of Achladeri

The farm is situated on the central part of the island, on the east side of the Kalloni gulf, and it occupies a single area of around 7.000 acres with olive trees, pine forests, farming and stock farming areas. The Farm of Achladeri also includes a single olive tree field of 1.700 acres and arable grounds, on which various kinds of stock is farmed, such as sheep, bovine, pigs and poultry. Furthermore, it has an ox-stall, a poultry house, a sheep pen, a pigsty, a cheese dairy and an olive oil packaging plant.

The Practical Agricultural School was operational in the facilities of the farm. The renovated building of the School had a teaching room, accommodation facilities for the teaching staff, dormitories for the students, hygiene facilities, kitchen, dining area, washing and ironing rooms, offices and other auxiliary rooms. Various educational programs were taught in the School, aiming to offer mastery to farmers and stock farmers, as well as to teachers and secretaries of the Communes.

Kato Tritos

Other main rural facilities of the C. F. M. were located at Kato Tritos of the Municipality of Evergetoula and more specifically at the Metochi point. The facilities were given to the C. F. M. by the Eparch of Mytilene Methodios Aronis, during his second period in office. The Holy Monastery of the Taxiarches is located there, which is the only complex of monasteries of the Byzantine era that is still preserved on Lesvos.